The Bring It! Downtown Marketing Campaign was created to help market and rebrand downtown Wilmington.  The campaign was created to define a universal image for downtown that all businesses can embrace and utilize to create a unified message.  Ultimately, the campaign’s goal is to encourage locals and visitors to spend more time in historic downtown Wilmington through branding and education.  By educating people on the ease and abundance of parking and the many options for entertainment, we can convince people to make downtown their destination.

Why Bring It!?  The slogan is a call to action, edgy, captures attention, and has had universal recognition for over 30 years.  The skyscape on the logo was created and donated to the task force by local artist and muralist, David Goodson.  It signifies the history and the future of the Historic River District.

There are numerous advantages to utilizing this campaign.  Having a universal slogan and logo creates an umbrella that all businesses can benefit from.  The marketing task force has secured advertising for the next year for television, radio, billboards and print media.  With repetition of these ads, the brand will be established.  By placing the slogan or logo in your current advertising, you will benefit from the recognition of marketing that the task force has already established.  There are also co-op opportunities available in which a group of businesses can use the Bring It! Downtown message and their individual ads for a reduced rate.  This makes commercials, radio and print more affordable to smaller businesses with limited advertising dollars.  The logo and slogan are available for you to use for free.   Visit by clicking here. Sign in is required to access the download page.  This will collect data on which businesses are using the campaign in their advertising.  A variety of logo renditions and sizes are available, as are the font files and slogan.  Media partner offers will also be posted here.  Additional logo renditions will be created as needed.

We are asking that all downtown businesses incorporate this message in their advertising.  Downtown has so much diversity and so many opportunities.  With the proper campaign and support, we can make downtown more visible and vibrant.  The more people that frequent downtown, the more everyone benefits.  We ask that you support our goal!

Thank You,

Bring It Downtown Marketing Task Force

Celeste Glass
Bobby Hamelburg
Lara Landgraf
Daniel Pena
Gary Coleman